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  • Mark|Six Complete Upper Receiver Mark|Six Complete Upper Receiver

    Mark|Six Complete Upper Receiver

    from $ 2,100.00 - $ 2,200.00
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    Mark|Six Complete Upper Receiver

    $ 2,100.00

    ETA December '15- February '16 (running behind but worth the wait!)  Leitner-Wise® Mark|Six Complete Upper Receiver When ordering and upper, expect a 3 month delivery window.  Paul Leitner-Wise started LWRC (Leitner Wise® Rifle...
  • MarkSix Hand Guard and Barrel Nut MarkSix Hand Guard and Barrel Nut

    MarkSix Hand Guard and Barrel Nut

    from $ 280.00 - $ 300.00
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    MarkSix Hand Guard and Barrel Nut

    $ 280.00

    MarkSix Leitner-Wise® Hand Guard and barrel nut  Patent-Pending Lighter and slimmer is the name of the game. The LWM lightweight handguard rail is designed to weigh less without giving up strength and is configured to...
  • LWM Mystery Box

    LWM Mystery Box

    from $ 150.00 - $ 550.00
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    LWM Mystery Box

    $ 150.00

    Leitner-Wise® mystery boxes are stocking up! We offer Smal, large and heavy mystery boxes, that may include items such as, heavy duty buffer retainers, 5.56 bolts, Arrow Mark Cam Pins, M67 Pins,...
  • C3 Hybrid Comp .223 & .30 C3 Hybrid Comp .223 & .30 Quick View

    C3 Hybrid Comp .223 & .30

    $ 145.00

    Patent Pending The patent pending C3 Hybrid (Close Combat Compensator) is designed to be used either as a flash hider or, by inserting the baffle plate, a compensator. The comp is a...
  • Ambi Fire Control Semi Auto Ambi Fire Control Semi Auto Quick View

    Ambi Fire Control Semi Auto

    $ 77.00

    Machined from 4150 barstock, heat treated and nitrided, our Semi Auto Ambi Fire Control Kit combines short levers that do not interfere with the trigger finger and an ergonomic design that allows...
  • LWRC Upgrade Service LWRC Upgrade Service Quick View

    LWRC Upgrade Service

    $ 75.00

    For over 12 years we have been acknowledged as one of the leading developers of gas systems for AR platform rifles. We’ve run millions of rounds on these and probably...
  • eSights™ eSights™


    from $ 75.00 - $ 125.00
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    $ 75.00

    Back Order. Order ship within 4 weeks The evolution of sights is here. The Leitner-Wise® emergency sight (eSight™) is the lowest profile and best backup optics for your rifle on the...
  • Billet Aluminum Dust Cover Billet Aluminum Dust Cover

    Billet Aluminum Dust Cover

    from $ 32.00 - $ 35.00
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    Billet Aluminum Dust Cover

    $ 32.00

    Backorder. Ships within 3 weeks LWM Billet Aluminum AR15 Platform Dust Covers This premium, badass AR15 (and variants) dust cover is machined from billet in one piece. The internal design allows for...

The Latest Gun Accessories

Mark|Six Complete Upper Receiver

Mark|Six Complete Upper Receiver

$ 2,100.00

ETA December '15- February '16 (running behind but worth the wait!) 

Leitner-Wise® Mark|Six Complete Upper Receiver

When ordering and upper, expect a 3 month delivery window. 

Paul Leitner-Wise started LWRC (Leitner Wise® Rifle Co.) and developed one of the most successful op-rod systems for the AR in 2004 LWRC still employs this patented technology in their assault rifles to this day, but it has not changed in over 11 years. At Leitner-Wise Manufacturing, we have created new technology based on that op-rod system and have updated it to be current and modern for the patented MkVI upper receiver series.

We are constantly innovating and breaking the mold of the standard black gun. Heat destroys a rifle. The LWM op-rod upper receiver is innovative because it offers a simplified design that reduces heat stress and causes less wear on the bolt carrier which prolongs the life of the weapon. When the zombie apocalypse comes and ordinary black rifles wear out, the Mark VI will still be putting rounds downrange reliably and accurately.

Everything LWM upper is billeted which is a longer machining process that results in a more reliable weapon system and you will never find a forward assist on an LWM rifle. That’s a Vietnam era holdover that just isn’t necessary.

This is an upper that is custom out of the box. All uppers come with serial numbers. LWM001 is reserved for the Warrior 360 Auction which will be in person as well as live on the internet. All other numbers will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a piece of history. When lowers are available, we will match yours to the serial number on your upper and BCG.

Features of the Mark|Six upper receiver:

  • Leitner-Wise® proprietary op-rod system and gas block
  • Enhanced nitrided carrier and bolt
  • Billet 7076 T6 aluminum ambi billet upper receiver - No forward assist.
  • Leitner-Wise® contiguous rail and steel barrel nut (15" 12.5" and 10.25") that is compatible with MLOK accessories.
  • Polymer shell case deflector 
  • Hard coat anodized
  • Three extra Picatinny rail slots on upper
  • M4 style extended feed ramps
  • C3 Hybrid Compensator
  • M3 XD Extreme Duty configurable steel charging handle
  • Set of rear and front eSights
  • Laser Engraved Leitner-Wise® logo
  • Billet dust cover
  • Leitner-Wise® fluted combat match nitrided barrel

Upper receiver

Due to high demand of these uppers, the first (LWM001) upper will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to Warrior 360. 

Lifetime Warranty

If you are looking for rail information, please visit this page.

Images below are of the MkVI 16" with a 12.5" hand guard and the MkVI with a 15" hand guard.




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