• The history of our hand rail

    Posted on March 31 2017

    Originally the MarkSix came around for a contract that called for a light weight rail. After the contract fell through we redesigned the rail for the MarkSix Rifle series, but...

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  • Carbonite Black - This is an evolution of our Gen 1 Carbonite.

    Posted on March 31 2017

    If you recall, Carbonite™ was developed specifically to outperform all existing surface finishing treatments by developing a revolutionary process that would actually meet the expectations we have of it.  Perhaps the only...

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  • Work for us!

    Posted on March 22 2017

    We are hiring!   Stop by our Jobs section and find out if we are a match!

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  • Carbonite Black BCG

    Posted on March 09 2017

    Shipping March 28th. Get in line for Carbonite Black! Our 5.56 Carriers are coming back in stock after much demand.Grab a BCG Here#carbonite #carboniteblack #leitnerwise #bcg #dontcallitacomeback  

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  • Recoil Issue #22

    Posted on November 29 2015

    Pick your copy up of Recoil Magazine  

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  • Army Sniper Association

    Posted on September 08 2015

    We look forward to heading down to Fort Benning, GA for the Army Sniper Competition in October. These guys put a lot of men in the ground for this country....

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  • Quick Fixes

    Posted on August 17 2015

    The 300 Blackout has rapidly become a recognized and accepted cartridge in the firearms world and has found particular favor in AR15 based platforms. The fact that the case uses...

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  • First Looks: Leitner-Wise® eSights™

    Posted on August 06 2015

    We first heard about these a few months ago, but one of our minions finally got hands-on with them. Today we explain the concept and design but you can anticipate...

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  • The Trend in Custom Gun Designs

    Posted on July 15 2015

    The Trend in Custom Gun Designs Being able to customize something you own to meet specific or aesthetic requirements is nothing new; humans have been doing this since they first...

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  • Combat Match Bolt

    Posted on April 04 2015

    After three years, these are in production now. We are happy to announce this and look forward to saving more lives with a bolt that will not fail. Watch our...

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  • MkVI Combat Match Barrels

    Posted on March 07 2015

    Let's Talk About Barrels Let's talk about our new Combat Match barrels found on our MkVI upper receivers. These are in-house produced cut-rifled, chrome-moly, LWM profiled, fluted barrels, designed to...

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  • C3 Hybrid

    Posted on February 24 2015

    Patent-Pending C3 Hybrid (Close Combat Compensator) designed to be used either as a flash hider or by inserting the baffle plate, a compensator. The comp is a more modern designed "A2...

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  • Charging Handle History, Material And Suitability

    Posted on February 16 2015

    Whenever the AR15 is discussed, there are certain elements of it’s design that are bound to create controversy. Whether that relates to part of the original or early design, such...

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  • Billet Dust Cover video

    Posted on February 04 2015

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  • Dave and Paul

    Posted on January 31 2015

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  • Recoil Interview

    Posted on December 31 2014

    Check out this awesome interview

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  • Why Mess With The Dust Cover?

    Posted on December 23 2014

    Why Mess With The Dust Cover? Good question.  It’s one of those parts on the AR platform that doesn’t really get a second thought, hell some receivers don’t even accept...

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  • eSights

    Posted on December 13 2014

    PATENT PENDING The evolution of sights are here. The lowest profile sights on the market. Machines out of billet aluminum. e-Sights will be up for pre-order shortly and shipping soon...

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  • M67 Instructional Video

    Posted on December 08 2014

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  • eSights™

    Posted on September 21 2014

    PATENT PENDING We have been going backwards and forwards over the value of open sights on a carbine for some time now. In days of old, iron sights were of course...

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  • Technical

    Posted on September 17 2014

    Our first posting here is concerned with the development and testing of a replacement bolt for the M4/M16 Service Rifle, our High Performance Bolt.  Future posts will deal with the rational...

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  • One more tool in the box.

    Posted on September 09 2014

    The title is self-explanatory…… One more tool in the box.   When we set out to design our latest firearms there were a number of parameters we needed the weapon...

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  • What is Combat Match?

    Posted on September 09 2014

    If you’ve been reading any of my posts, you may have seen me use the term Combat Match once in a while. I decided that rather continue to use this,...

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    Posted on August 03 2014

    Modern Arms have done a Dirty 30 Review on the Leitner-Wise Manufacturing Heavey Duty Buffer Retainer.  Check it out here:

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  • How to enhance the enhanced

    Posted on July 29 2014

    When you think of a Mercedes, you generally think of a pretty well made, fast, reliable car that's going to get the job done with the minimum amount of fuss and hassle.So...

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  • Recoil: Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group from Leitner-Wise Manufacturing

    Posted on July 18 2014

    Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group from Leitner-Wise ManufacturingDavid ReederLeitner-Wise Manufacturing (LWM) has released their new enhanced bolt carrier group. The bolt is a standard, correct weight USGI bolt carrier group that LWM...

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  • Tools in the Box

    Posted on July 13 2014

    The title is self-explanatory……One more tool in the box.When we set out to design our latest firearms there were a number of parameters we needed the weapon to meet. Chief...

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  • M67 Solid Firing Pin

    Posted on July 03 2014

    M67 Solid Firing Pin Retaining Pin The Leitner-Wise Manufacturing M67 Solid Firing Pin Retaining Pin is a development of the original Stoner designed pin for the AR10 and AR 15....

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  • HDBR

    Posted on July 01 2014

    HDBR It’s a small part, one most people don’t even think about until they launch it across the room while building or dismantling a AR15 type lower receiver, but it’s...

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