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  • Paul Leitner-Wise

    Posted on June 16 2017

    Paul Leitner-Wise Is not an owner of this company or a manager, he was a designer/consultant that is not welcomed here. I am sorry for anyone who ordered uppers and...

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  • Where have we been?

    Posted on June 13 2017

    We've been so busy setting up things here in the new shop I have neglected posting for some time. This is where change happens and new things are made. Here...

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  • Recoil Issue #22

    Posted on November 29 2015

    Pick your copy up of Recoil Magazine  

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  • The Trend in Custom Gun Designs

    Posted on July 15 2015

    The Trend in Custom Gun Designs Being able to customize something you own to meet specific or aesthetic requirements is nothing new; humans have been doing this since they first...

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  • LW Combat Match Barrels

    Posted on March 07 2015

    Let's Talk About Barrels Let's talk about our new Combat Match barrels found on our rifles. These are  cut-rifled, chrome-moly, LW profiled, fluted barrels, designed to meet the rigors of...

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  • Charging Handle History, Material And Suitability

    Posted on February 16 2015

    Whenever the AR15 is discussed, there are certain elements of it’s design that are bound to create controversy. Whether that relates to part of the original or early design, such...

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  • Why Mess With The Dust Cover?

    Posted on December 23 2014

    Why Mess With The Dust Cover? Good question.  It’s one of those parts on the AR platform that doesn’t really get a second thought, hell some receivers don’t even accept...

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  • M67 Instructional Video

    Posted on December 08 2014

    Our former consultant at the company did a video of the M67 pin install, Paul Leitner-Wise did a great instructional video for you guys so you get these in just...

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  • Technical

    Posted on September 17 2014

    Our first posting here is concerned with the development and testing of a replacement bolt for the M4/M16 Service Rifle, our High Performance Bolt.  Future posts will deal with the rational...

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  • How to enhance the enhanced

    Posted on July 29 2014

    When you think of a Mercedes, you generally think of a pretty well made, fast, reliable car that's going to get the job done with the minimum amount of fuss and hassle.So...

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  • Tools in the Box

    Posted on July 13 2014

    The title is self-explanatory……One more tool in the box.When we set out to design our latest firearms there were a number of parameters we needed the weapon to meet. Chief...

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  • M67 Solid Firing Pin

    Posted on July 03 2014

    M67 Solid Firing Pin Retaining Pin The Leitner-Wise Manufacturing M67 Solid Firing Pin Retaining Pin is a development of the original Stoner designed pin for the AR10 and AR 15....

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  • HDBR

    Posted on July 01 2014

    HDBR It’s a small part, one most people don’t even think about until they launch it across the room while building or dismantling a AR15 type lower receiver, but it’s...

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