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Posted on June 13 2017

We've been so busy setting up things here in the new shop I have neglected posting for some time. This is where change happens and new things are made. Here at LW, we are working on new designs and hope to debut at SHOT if not sooner. With a market soft after this past election, this gives us plenty of time to get out what has been in our books. 

leitner wise time for change

The industry is changing, and with change you have to adapt. There is truth in the saying "Innovate or Die", because when you don't innovate you stay standing still and that is basically death. We know everyone is tired of the black rifle and with companies selling the same 'ol forged crap for $300 bills, who can blame them? What happened to when we all hit the range, had fun and showed off our guns? We need to get back into that. The gun culture has turned into the hate culture and politics has taken away from this I do believe. The culling in the industry will happen and we promise to leave you with quality as we keep standing. LW is a lifestyle and a culture of great things, with a side of cool ;-)

Stay on course my friends,



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  • Rich Oster: June 14, 2017

    Keep kicking ass Vanessa!

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