C3 Hybrid Comp 22LR/Airsoft

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Patent Pending

The patent pending C3 Hybrid (Close Combat Compensator) is designed to be used either as a flash hider or, by inserting the baffle plate, a compensator. The comp is a more modern designed "A2 Flash Hider" -- the difference is that with the C3 Hybrid, you will see slightly less flash reduction than the A2 when used solely as a hider. When using it as a comp, it is very neutral with no push down and greatly reduced side and rear blast. Excellent recoil mitigation, and all in a package the same size as the A2.

 22LR/Airsoft. When buying airsoft DO NOT PUT IT ON 5.56 !!!! It is only for 22LR and Airsoft. 

The C3 Hybrid is compatible with all A2 accessories, including suppressors. The bonus to the C3 is that if the baffle burns out, you just order a new plate for the front instead of a whole new compensator.

  • Heat treated and black nitride stress-proof steel
  • Removable sacrificial baffle
  • Compact design
  • Minimal side and rear blast
  • Good flash hiding properties
  • Supplied with custom assembly tool

Lifetime warranty.
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No claims. NO BS. What you see is what you get -- a damn good product.

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