Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer

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A regular AR-15 buffer retainer pin frequently wears out or even shears off. This renders the buffer spring (and overall weapon) inoperable and even impossible to disassemble when it jams and the spring cannot be removed rom the rifle buffer tube.

The LWM heavy duty buffer retainer ensures the buffer will not move past the retaining pin which decreases the chances of a malfunction and ensures consistent operation of the buffer and spring. Don’t fill your weapon with cheap parts.


This updated design allows for self-centering and is precision machined to ensure compatibility with all bolt carrier groups. When used with mil-spec lower receiver extensions, the the retainer is rotation limited.  It is designed to work with the standard spring and is a must-have for any build, particularly in piston, suppressed, select fire or SBR weapons.
Spring is not included so retain the one from your old part.


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