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Like most of you, we were tired of watching responsible gun owners spend their hard earned money on generic, poorly finished and unreliable weapons that were no different than the next. Manufacturers everywhere created various parts and sent them to another company to compile into a gun that they branded as theirs. While some of the parts may be high quality, one cheap charging handle could cause the entire system to fail. Too many people have sold too many over-priced, over-marketed rifles that lacked innovation and disrespected your intelligence. You don’t deserve that. Leitner-Wise Manufacturing is a visionary business that takes everything seriously right down to the smallest item, such as the buffer retainer, and turned it into a piece of steel that gives you peace of mind because it lasts a lifetime. Our Operating Rod system is new age technology that the gun industry has lacked for decades. We believe we can move past the everyday Direct Impingement weapon and make you the highest quality, kitted-out rifle directly out of the box. As the great designers of the gun industry like John Browning once did, we look to constantly evolve, continually create, and put first the one person we feel makes our society more secure-the responsible gun owner. You don’t deserve a weapon you’re not confident in. We will make the absolute best gun that when coupled with the right shooter at the right place and time, will save lives.


"Our mission is to continue this focus and
to have some fun while we are doing it."

Leitner-Wise® was formed in January 2012 in order to continue developing the
ground-breaking designs associated with the name that has succeeded in the one place that
matters most: the battlefield.


Our culture is straight forward.

We aren't the next hipster accessory. We build high-end firearms. You want the Rolex of rifles? Then Leitner-Wise® is just that. Our products are created from the pen to finished item out of the highest quality materials instead of assembled from off-the-shelf parts and rebranded. If that’s too expensive for you then Cabela's is down the street.

We have our Girl Friday and Door Kicker. You might be at the bar sipping Jack Daniels, but we are there drinking 25 year old Yamazaki with a fucking smile on our faces. Did we mention the bar is in our office? Screw Mad Men, this is Leitner-Wise®. You want to wear Michael Kors? No thanks. We want you in Armani.

Rebellious ones who question everything and don't back down without a fight. Custom EVERYTHING because only then is it done right. Don’t ask who makes our products because we do. This is ours.


We combined the great designers of the gun industry to
bring you the quality that Leitner-Wise®
 is today

When Leitner-Wise® was founded in 2012, the idea was to do what we do best: an unfettered approach to design, development, and manufacture. Unbounded by convention, we continually challenge the status quo and are recognized for our unconventional approach in a largely conservative industry. Currently, we have commercial and government supply contracts, trademark applications. Paul has four issued U.S. Patents and four pending patents, two of which are published. Oh, and of course, we have the world recognized Leitner-Wise® brand name.

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