Ambi Selectors
First ensure the firearm is unloaded.  Turn the weapon upside down and remove the pistol grip.  Once the pistol grip is removed, pull out the safety detent spring and discard, carefully retain the detent.  Remove the existing safety selector from the right side.  Using the Allen wrench provided, undo both socket screws and remove the levers, put a small dab of thread lock on each screw and replace ONE lever - tighten fully.  Slide the barrel of the fire control through the receiver ensuring the detent track is on the left side of the upside down receiver.  Fit the other lever as above.  Insert the detent and use the spring provided, reattach the pistol grip and function check before use.  

M67 Solid Retaining Pin
Install the solid pin with the machined slot in the pin horizontal.  Align the pin with both holes in the carrier and press the pin in, it helps to apply pressure to the lower part of the pin while doing this.  The pin will seat itself if aligned correctly.  You may also use a small soft faced hammer to achieve this.  To remove, use a bullet tip or small punch to start the pin moving, push the pin until further resistance is felt as the pin does not need to be completely removed from the carrier in order to remove the firing pin.  Please note that the pin will become easier to install and remove with use.  

LWM-200 Fluid Sling Mount
Ensure the weapon is unloaded and remove the upper receiver assembly.  
Secure the lower receiver in a suitable fixture to hold it during the installation process
Depress buffer detent and remove buffer and action spring assembly
Use correct C wrench to loosen and undo the rear castle nut ensuring that the takedown pin spring and detent are not lost
Remove takedown pin
Carefully undo the lower receiver extension ensuring the buffer detent and spring are not lost
Fully remove the lower receiver extension and endplate.  Discard the endplate
Ensure that the castle nut is at the absolute end of the threads on the lower receiver extension
Slide on the LWM-200 Fluid Sling Mount until it is flush with the castle nut - caution, the Fluid Sling Mount is a tight fit on the receiver extension by design
Tighten the lower receiver extension into the lower receiver, replace the takedown pin, spring and detent and buffer detent and spring
As the lower receiver extension captures the buffer detent there will be just enough room to rotate the Fluid Sling Mount into place carefully compressing the takedown pin spring
Tighten the castle nut and secure by staking as is your preference after function testing

Replace action spring, buffer and upper receiver, function test by handX



C3 Hybrid Compensator


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