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Recoil Magazine Issue #22 - Esights

Gat Daily - eSights™

The Humble Charging Handle

Breach Bang Clear- Enhanced BCG

Recoil - PLW Interview

The Firearm Blog - LWM Charging Handle

Recoil - Enhanced Bold Carrier Group
Recoil Article Here

Popular Air Soft - Middy Tactical Glass

Soldier Systems - Billet Dust Cover

Ar15 News - LWM

Kitup -Ambi Fire Control

The Arms Guide - LWM Black Nitride Enhanced BCG

Safety Solutions Academy - PLW at SHOT

The Firearm Blog - eSights

Gear Scout - MkVI Uppers

Modern Arms - Heavy Duty Buffer Retainer

Jerking the Trigger - eSights


Video Interviews and Reviews

SOTG 189 – Podcast Guest Interview Paul Leitner-Wise

Play in Window

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James Yeager @ NRA 2014


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