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For over 12 years we have been acknowledged as one of the leading developers of gas systems for AR platform rifles. We’ve run millions of rounds on these and probably have more knowledge and experience than just about anyone else in the industry.  

While we’ve evolved the new MkVI operating system way beyond what has gone before, we still have a vested interest in our past work, knowing more than anybody why design decisions were made and how these effect the performance of the weapon as a whole. Additionally, we know how to make things better.  

That’s why from April 2015 Leitner-Wise® is pleased to open a servicing facility for any Leitner-Wise® designed upper receiver assemblies produced after 2004.  

Services Include:

• Inspection and worn component replacement with enhanced products.  

• US Patented Leitner-Wise® gas system modification that reduces felt recoil, smooths out the reciprocating stroke and reduces component wear.  

• Full and comprehensive one-year warranty on labor and lifetime warranty on components supplied.  

• Get the people who designed the system to provide you with the best service and product knowledge.  

Price is $75.00 plus shipping and handling covered by the customer (return label must be sent with the part) we suggest you include insurance. 

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